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Ten Key benefits of Buying Recycled Auto Parts in Australia

1.    Significant Price Savings Buying auto parts that have been recycled and fully tested for quality can save the buyer up to 50% when compared to buying new equivalent parts. Auto recycled parts purchased from a professional car wrecker are a viable alternative. 2.    Full Warranty on Recycled Parts When buying recycled parts, reputable car wreckers (like all members of the Parts Plus group) offer a comprehensive minimum 6 month warranty on parts sold and for a small additional amount are quite happy to offer extended warranty cover on major parts. 3.    Quality & Safety When recycled parts are cleaned, … Click here for more news

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5 Reasons why your next car part purchase should be from a car wrecker

1. Quality Car Parts The modern day car wrecker sources their cars from auctions specially designed by insurance companies to provide the public with good late model car parts. This provides the consumer “you” with quality car parts off cars that were previously comprehensively insured by caring owners who wanted to protect their investment , yet had to claim for damages , thus the insurance company acquires the car to sell to the auto dismantler. 
2. Doing Your Part When you choose to buy a secondhand car part you are buying a car part that has already been made , … Click here for more news

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5 Myths About Recycled Auto Parts – Car Wreckers

Considering purchasing a recycled auto part from a car wrecker but still not sure? Here a 5 myths about purchasing an auto part from a professional car wrecker like Parts Plus. 1. We only supply parts for old cars and commericals FALSE! At Parts Plus we pride ourselves on purchasing late module low vehicles and in fact the average age of the vehicles across all Parts Plus stores would be less than 7 years old 2. Parts don’t come with a Warranty or can’t be returned if you bought the wrong part FALSE! At Parts Plus we have the best … Click here for more news

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